About Us

Mobonx: A Highflying Brand Dedicated To Quality Mobile Accessories & Electronics

It is said that technology is intended for making our life easier, taking away worries about trivial practical issues; and we totally agree!

As an enthusiastic group of young ambitious entrepreneurs, we have established a brand manufacturing high-end Mobile Accessories and Electronics to address the demanding needs of the modern world.


Mobonx: A Brand Focused On You

With quality standards as top notch, we are providing a wide range of devices and gadgets comprising wireless charging pads, power banks, USB hubs, battery cases and many more and ship them to every corner of the planet.

Passionate with technology and motivated by our own need for easy-to-use, reliable electronics and accessories, we are offering high-tech electronic solutions for new millennium work environment, as well as leisure indoor and outdoor activities.


We Are Making Devices We Love To Use!

Convenience and durability are our major priorities; this is why we go to great lengths to ensure premium usability through personal testing of our products in daily heavy use to make the perfect device that will reach our customers.

Our management team combines the hands-on experience in multinational organizations with a multicultural background and the knowledge of top MBA Business Schools to form a highly motivated group of innovative manufacturers that aspire to stir the waters of the electronics industry.


At Mobonx We Make The Most Out Of Technology!

Opt For Quality Accessories & Electronics And Enjoy Life In Full!